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Static and dynamic websites

We provide manufacturing of static and dynamic top quality websites. Our products are always valid HTML code that ensures proper and semantic structuring of the content. We always comply with the latest trends in the sector and especially with your wishes and requirements.

Responsive web design

The responsive web design is an approach that is used in the construction of a website that allows its adequate visualization on devices with different screen sizes. This can be from personal computers to smartphones and tablets. This approach is popular with simple design and ease of content.

Mobile websites

Although responsive web design can be displayed quite normal on your mobile, this is sometimes is not enough. If your website is too rich of content for a mobile device or as you want to offer a different service for your "mobile" user, is where a mobile website comes. It is not only complies with the small screen size of mobile devices, but with simplified content that complies to the mobile networks.

Web-based applications

We have rich experience with the development of specialized web applications. If your business needs an unique application that can be accessed simultaneously by all your employees and / or customers, web based applications are the perfect solution for this.

We develop our projects on the base of a stable platform running a standard Web server, which does not require installing any additional software on the consumer's computer.